Chef's Specials

Massaman Steak

8 oz Sirloin steak, served with boiled vegetables, rice and massaman sauce.


Singapore Laksa

Rice noodles topped with our home made Laksa coconut soup, bean sprouts, king prawns, fish balls and boiled egg.


Jumbo Prawn Pad Thai

Traditional fried rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts, spring onions, grounded peanuts served with jumbo king prawns with shell.


Roast Duck Curry

Red coconut curry cooked with roast duck breast, pineapple and sweet basil, served with rice and salad.


Cod Sam Rod

Deep fried cod fillet top with homemade spicy chilli sauce and sweet basil leaves, served with rice and mango salad.


Chicken Kra Prao With Fried Egg

A popular Thai street food, minced chicken wok cooked with chilli, garlic, green & red peppers, onions, fine bean, bamboo shoot, basil leaves served with rice and topped with a fried egg.


Rad Nah

A popular noodle dish among the Thais. Rice noodle fried with thick soy sauce, then top with slightly thick yellow bean sauce gravy with vegetables, prawns, squid and mussels. Absolutely delicious.


Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried rice with egg, chicken, prawn, squid, curry powder, pineapple, green & red pepper top with cashew nuts, served with salad.


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